The Foundation for the Education of Needy Children in Fiji is at its highest level of assisting the poorest of the poor children in Fiji.
The pandemic COVID-19 follow by the natural disasters has contributed more strength to the Foundation’s main enemy. The battle for alleviating poverty has become more difficult than it has ever been by the experience over the past years.
FENC Fiji still believes that education is a way out of poverty, which simply means that education is a proposed solution to a better generation of generations to come. FENC believes that education leads to a better job and most of all a better Fiji.
Just last year, FENC has successfully assisted 3,500 children to school with BAGS, BOOKS & STATIONERIES, also a few children were assisted with uniforms, monograms, and shoes.
This year alone, FENC has doubled the assistance sponsoring 6,536 children with the same accessories mentioned above.
The following division breakdown is listed below:
1. Central – 3,119
2. Northern – 2,021
3. Western – 1,046
4. Eastern – 350
Total – 6,536 Children
Despite all we have been through, FENC still strives to assist the families in Fiji who needs education assistance during this hard time. Families who have lost everything in the cyclone, families whose breadwinner have become jobless. Families whose children have decided to leave school due to the current situation.
FENC Fiji National Coordinator Miss Priya Preetika Lata acknowledged all donors who contributed to the organization in cash and in kind. “All donations made are a source of hope to the poorest of the poor children in Fiji,” she said. “FENC is able to assist the children through the help of all donors’ sponsorships and for that the organization is so great full.
Until now FENC still believes that there are families who are out there that need our support, due to the lack of funds we are unable to reach them. So, if you wish to donate, please do not hesitate to contact us on 3100660 / 9928669 / 9928658 or email us at / and sign up for the Sponsor a Child Program. Help us help the poorest of the poor children in Fiji.
Together We Make a Difference