The Foundation for the Education of Needy Children in Fiji is proud to have assisted 282 children in Levuka this year. With the partnership of HFC Bank among other donors who help in the assistance towards the children go a long way for the future education and the benefits of their days to come.
The Distribution took place in Bureta District School which all parents and guardian and students from 7 villages and 5 settlements were present to receive their bag packs this year.
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With great achivements the National Coordinator Ms Priya Preetika Lata ended the ceremony with words of wisdom towards the children saying, “we do not wish to see you on the streets or Juveniles Centres in the future, though we would like to see you suceeding in life and you come back with your heads held high and your able to contribute back to society.
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The ceremony ended well thanking the Head Master for Bureta District School for hosting our guest during our stay in Levuka.
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