Since its inception in 2009, the founding members of the Foundation for the Education of Needy Children in Fiji have played an important role through their yearly contributions.

A large number of people in Fiji live within the cycle of poverty which makes it a struggle to just meet daily needs. The founding members recognized this great difficulty amongst such families and knew that education would be one of the keys to getting people out of the debilitating and dehumanizing clutches of poverty.

We wish to particularly acknowledge the annual financial contributions from Founding Members Mr John Samy, Robin Nair and Noel Lal from the Fijian Diaspora overseas and their continued involvement with FENC.

Mr. Noel Lal has been committed in contributing $10,000 each year. Investing in the education of these children is equipping them in the skills needed to make positive contributions in their families as well as in society. Some of the children we have assisted in their primary and secondary school years have been able to pursue tertiary studies. Others are in useful employment, thus being able to help their siblings and families financially.

These yearly pledges by the founding members have helped to cater for a percentage of the poorest of the poor children assisted each year. The organization assists these children in their education at primary and secondary levels in the central, western and northern divisions. Assistance provided over the years have included school levies, books, stationery, bags,
uniforms, shoes and other education related support such as coaching, mentoring and tutoring.Everyone has a responsibility to contribute to society and the founding members are working together to make a difference in the lives of these needy children.