Join The Cause

FENC Fiji is cause-oriented. We reach out to you to join our cause. These children are the most vulnerable, most disadvantaged and often most forgotten in Fiji. You can change that! Whether you live in Fiji or abroad; whether you are an individual or you represent a group of an organisation you can impact a life! 

FENC Fiji invites you and offers you this opportunity to get involved and demonstrate your care and concern through your active support and involvement. “Together to Make the Difference”.

We are seeking to broaden the base of support within Fiji for FENC Fiji and its assistance activities; this from people such as yourself who are cause-oriented and who have a keen sense of caring, giving and social responsibility. We need you to become one of the staunch, back-bone supporters of FENC Fiji.

We urge you to make FENC Fiji your organization of choice, as one of your select conduits to channel your support for the poorest of the poor in Fiji. A Pledge Form is attached for your kind consideration and action. Due recognition will be given for your contributions; and, you will receive regular reports on FENC Fiji and its activities.

You can:

  • Give money, pledge your monthly or yearly funding support;
  • Volunteer your time ;
  • Volunteer your skills;
  • Become an active fundraiser for FENC Fiji;
  • Mobilise others through social networking to respond to needy children in Fiji through Fenc Fiji;
  • Learn more about poverty issues and spread the information;
  • Call us and get involved by inviting your FENC Fiji member to speak to your group or event.

Download Pledge Form :