” It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken people ”
lets build to a strong future – our children

FENC Fiji is a not-for-profit, cause-oriented, non-political & voluntary organisation

Our Challenge

Making education accessible to the poorest of the poor children in Fiji empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and to become resourceful citizens of Fiji.

Our Approach

Apart from assisting with essential schooling  materials, we provide learning centers for kids living in dibilitating conditions to do their school work. At these centers, dedicated volunteers provide much needed tutoring and counselling to these needy children.

he  who  opens  a  school  door 

       closes  a  prison ”…


                                                                                                       – Victor Hugo

What We Do


Provide Essential School items

For as little as FJD$200, we are able to provide a child with basic essential items to attend school.

Establish Learning Centers

Many poor children do not even adequate lights in their dwellings. Training centers are facilities where children do their school work in the evenings and receive tutoring help and some basic snacks.


Provide Counselling and Support

Many poor children need more than just academic education. Their emotional setbacks need personal care and attention and follow ups are necessary to ensure they can continue to attend school and be successful.

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FENC Fiji Main Office

20 Matuku Street,


Suva, Fiji Islands.

Phone:  3100660

Mobile :  9928669 / 9928658