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Lachmi & Veera Samy Scholarship

Support for 10 Children provided through FENC Fiji

Mrs. Lachmi & (Late) Mr. Veera Samy

Lachmi & Veera Samy together with their children first lived in the Low Lines near the Sugar Mill in Lautoka before moving to Misuani (Top Lines).

For almost the whole of his work life, Veera Samy served the Sugar Company (first CSR, then SPSM and later FSC) as a Locomotive Driver.

In the late 1970’s they moved to Waiyavi, Stage 2. Following the Coups in 1987, Lachmi and Veera Samy moved to live in New Zealand and resided in Pakuranga, Auckland. Veera Samy passed away in December 2003.

Lachmi & Veera Samy (in the photo ) have 8 children; 16 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. Their children include:- in Fiji: Sat Narayan alias Narend in Waiyavi Stage II; in Australia: Sumintra Ramlu, Rajendra Kumar and Satendra Kumar all in Sydney; and Kiran Rinaldi in Melbourne; & Ramindra Lal, Padma Narayan and John Samy in Auckland, New Zealand.

The children of Lachmi and Veera Samy have been sponsoring the education of the of 10 children in Lautoka since 2010 and in their words…“To honor and recognize our parents, with the greatest love and affection, for all that they did, not only for us as their children but also in the communities to which we belong. We remain deeply influenced by the values of sharing and caring which our parents inculcated in us.”

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