Selection :

1. See the list of poorest of the poor children provided by FENC Fiji.
2. Choose the child you wish to sponsor.
3. As sponsor, you will receive regular reports on the situation and progress of the child.
4. The reports of the child you select will be made available subject to the following :
a. That these are confidential information.
b. That you will maintain the confidentiality of the child and the family and of the reports made available.
c. That any contact with the child or the child’s family shall only be facilitated through a designated staff of Fenc Fiji.
d. Should you not wish to nominate a child, Fenc Fiji will identify a child to be assisted through your sponsorship.

  Budget of Expenses for Sponsorships from Year 1 to Year 13

A) Lower primary school children (Year 1 – 8) FJD $400.00/yr per child.

B) Upper secondary/special/vocational school ( Year 9 – 13) FJD$500/yr per child.

The Above budget includes :

  1. School sandals.
  2. Stationary.
  3. Uniforms.
  4. Task and Project Material.
  5. Technical Requirements.

C)  Administrative Costs : 10% of the total money given will be deducted and used for administration



 While Fenc Fiji shall make all reasonable efforts to undertake that a Sponsor accepts the Sponsorship as per the ‘Guidelines to Sponsor’ provided above, Fenc Fiji assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable directly or indirectly to a person(s) including the Sponsor, or the Sponsored Child or his/her family in respect of, or as consequence of, misuse or breach, actions or omissions in respect of the Sponsor.