Schooling Essentials Support


FENC Fiji stands to serve the poorest of the poor , who really are the most marginalized of our society, They exist in debilitating and dehumanizing poverty situations. Their greatest concern and urgency is daily survival and to some, the utmost priority being “the next meal for the day”.

The objective of this programme is to provide necessary provisions children require for schooling.

In this program, the foundation provides education assistance to primary and secondary school level i.e from Year 1 – Year 13. The Assistance provided by the foundation includes:

  • Uniforms,
  • School Bags,
  • Textbooks.
  • Stationery
  • School Sandals.

 Unfortunately, in many past FENC Fiji cases, poor kids left schooling or could not go to school due to lack of these basic school items. This is despite the Fiji Government stepping up to provide free tuition for primary and secondary education.

However, the situation remains largely unchanged. This is where FENC Fiji intervenes to bridge the gap for the poor and offer them another opportunity. This is achieved by providing them the basic school supplies with the help of our faithful donors. 

You can help us provide these essential school items through your kind donations or bulk donations of quality products, which is always a welcomed relief.

Community Learning Centers

FENC support to the children does not stop only at providing them the essentials of schooling in material form, we take on the over-aching responsibility of setting up learning centers. This is where kids from the slum and squatter areas have a place where they can come to do home work and receive academic tutoring from scores of our dedicated volunteers who take their time out to invest and teach these kids.

Most times the children that FENC supports do not have proper table , chairs and lighting to study after school and in the weekends. They also do not have the opportunity of a quite sanctuary inside their homes to study. This is due largely to the shanty locality in which they reside and families either live under shared electricity arrangements or no electricity at all.

There are many children on FENC Fiji support roll that must plan their time so that they have enough daylight to do their evening studies. This includes time taken for chores and food gathering and other household activities.

In the midst of all the chaos these children experience, the community learning center provides a conducive learning environment that is safe, friendly and education centric. This is a great source of relief for the children that FENC supports. They are given expert academic tutoring, remedial classes by carefully selected FENC academic volunteers.

The Volunteer tutors that teach at these learning centers have a heart to make these kids excel academically and committed toward their education success.

FENC Fiji has documented numerous cases where there has been marked improvement in the general behavior and academic achievements of children attending the community learning centers.

Home Support Visits

Most of the children that FENC Fiji supports are in dire socio-economic disadvantaged situations. Quite often, their family circumstances change , so as their survival support mechanisms. As a consequence, they often move from place to place due to conflicts with families, relatives and friends. Consequently, the children have to change schools and so the cycle continues.

FENC Fiji officers conducts routine visits to families/ guardians/ interim caretakers of the children supported.

This is one of the Child wellbeing activity that FENC Fiji carries out to keep constant touch with the children and address at-risk issues at hand.

Time is spent on encouraging the children to continue to give their utmost best toward achieving the best possible academic results. Parents and guardians are also encouraged to continue supporting the education of their kids as a way to break the poverty cycle. This is by ensuring that the effective allocation of time and providing necessary supervision by parents and guardians are some of the fundamental and essential tools for the children to archive success

This is also an opportune time for FENC officers to gather information and through observing the children’s behavioral patterns to assess if they are at risk or being abused. If so, then relevant agencies are informed to further look into the matter.


FENC Fiji Supported children are brought together and given projects such as cleaning up of old peoples home, community projects, school repairs etc.   

The projects are organized by FENC Fiji to instill discipline, social cooperation, community support to ensure that these kids are exposure into mainstream society which otherwise would be impossible for them to experience. 

This gives them much needed avenue to interact with other FENC Fiji sponsored kids and learn the skills of team work, collaboration, team participation and leadership skills. The aim  of our projects initiative is to inculcate the following in the children.


  • making them open to different ideas and cultures .
  • helping them to communicate openly, honestly and transparently.
  • welcoming challenge.
  • learning from mistakes.
  • Listening and treating people rightly.
  • being inclusive and learn to value different perspectives .
  • Increasing self-confidence and self-worth to become active contributing member of the society.
  • Taking personal accountability, being decisive, using judgment and common sense.


FENC Fiji carries out workshops geared toward leadership, capacity building, self-improvement and discipline. Also in demand careers options, on how to prepare for job interviews and other  progressive topics to equip the children and their families with necessary skills to have greater success rates in their lives. 

These workshops are geared towards upskilling these children to be better equipped to handle pressing issues and make them aware of the various services and programs  that they can access with government and other agencies.

Disaster Assistance

When destructive natural disaster strikes the poorest of the poor loose almost all of their precious little belongings, since they have next to nothing.

This is because their houses are very flimsy and loosely constructed , mostly lean-to makeshift housing structure, made using whatever construction material scraps that they may have gathered.

After major natural disasters FENC reassess the needs of the children in the affected areas , the restocks the children with basic school supplies like bags, stationary , shoes , school uniforms etc  , also food rations is given out to their families until they can find some normalcy in their livelihood. 

This is done so that the children do not stop schooling due to lack basic schooling items , In the past FENC has noted children who have dropped out of the schooling system after natural disasters and found it difficult to get back into mainstream schooling system, due to many factors such as family food security etc.

With the recent Cyclone Winston that hit Fiji Recently , now voted the worlds strongest hurricane, FENC teamed up with other NGO’s to distribute food rations to those directly affected by the destruction caused by Cyclone Winston , FENC supported children were restocked including many children who had lost everything in the devastating hurricane.

After Cyclone Winston FENC has taken relief operations learnings onboard and is now better positioned in terms of the processes involved in providing speedy targeted assistance to the most needy.